Christian Education

If you are interested in joining an existing Auxiliary Group and/or Christian Education Program or you desire to be part of a future Church Organization, please download and complete the documents below:

Adult Registration Form (ages 18+)

Youth Registration Form (ages 6-17)

Pre-School Registration Form (toddler to age 5)


Please return or mail your form to St. Sava Church.

Youth Curriculum (Sunday School)

Classes will be organized into three groups by grades 1 – 4, 5 – 8, and 9 – 12. Religious instruction will be conducted every other Sunday, while Serbian Church history will be taught the other Sundays. All classes will start after Holy Communion is given. Following lunch, extra-curricular activities will take place such as folklore, singing and sports. Since Church attendance is part of our Christian Education, all children are required to attend Church Services from the beginning to the end in order to be able to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Adult Curriculum (Bible Study)

Classes for inquirers, interested about the Orthodox Christian Faith and/or interested in becoming baptized, can be organized. Contact Father Predrag to schedule times.


We are looking for volunteers to help take care of children from babies to kindergarten during and after worship services. Please contact Father Predrag Bojovic if you are able to help in any way.