Sunday Sermons

10th Sunday after Pentecost – Demon possessed child

KSS Slava Celebration (Serbian only)

8th Sunday after Pentecost (Serbian only)

Sunday of the Blind Man 6th after Pascha (English from 12:20)

Sunday of the Paralytic (English from 4:40)

Sunday of the Prodigal Son 2014 (English from 11:20)

The Feast of Ascension of our Lord – 2014 (Serbian only)

The Feast Transfiguration & about St. Justin Of Celije by Fr. Justin Frederick (English from 4:30)

The parable about a certain mindless rich man (English from 5:44)

The healing of the gadarene demoniacs (Serbian only)

Canaanite woman (Serbian only)

Saint Kyriakos the Anachorite 2014 (Serbian only)

Аll Saints Sunday (Serbian only)

Sermon on the Feast of St. Peter of Cetinje 2014 (Serbian only)

Sermon on the Feast of St. Thomas (Serbian only)

Very Rev. Abbot Timothy – Sermon (Simultaneous translation)

Pentecost Sunday 2015 (English from 8:20)